Is your mattress and box-springs sagging?

by Mathias Olsson Mattress Store Owner Operator since 2003

If you feel like you are rolling towards the center in your mattress or if the mattress sags in the middle, it could be from lacking a proper center support. Most beds have slats but not all have slats with legs to give it enough support to prevent sagging. Some frames don't have a center support, most full size frames don't come with a center support even though they should in my opinion. These frames can be complimented with a center support to prevent against sagging and prolong the life of you mattress and box-spring. 
Most mattress manufacturers will not honor their warranty if they find out that a mattress and box-spring has not been setup with proper center support/s.
All full, queen and king size beds or frames should have proper center supports to prevent sagging. If your mattress/looks like the picture below you need to look at either getting some legs for your slats or adding a new center support that will prevent the sagging. Those slats should be level with the floor and have no bows in them.

If your setup looks like above then getting a center support may not fix the problem with your current mattress and box-springs. The box-spring and the mattress may have been slept on for too long and the bow is permanent in both slats and box-spring, sometimes even the mattress has a bow that won't come back after the center supports issue has been rectified. If the mattress and box-springs are new the problem should be fixed right away to prevent any future problems with warranty and/or sagging mattress set.

The use of a steel center support made specifically for your type of frame or bed is the easiest solution. Feel free to contact us or ask about our center supports if you have a problem with a sagging mattress and box-springs..